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Designed and shaped to meet the needs of still charging veterans. Works pretty well in small or medium surf conditions, all the while performing as a good beginner’s surfboard. It’s the best paddling board in our line, really easy to catch waves with. Turns incredibly well, and offers amazing smoothness and security during turns. Its stability makes it perfect for the nose-riding addicted. The Country Classic features a traditional outline and bottom curves, which combines a perfect waterdrop concave on the nose, a flat mid-section and a nice vee through the tail, with good 60 x 40 rails, makes it the perfect match for classic surfing. A true longboarder’s dream.


Length Width Thickness Vol (it)
9’0” 21 3/4” 2 3/4” 61.4L
9’1” 22” 2 7/8” 65.2L
9’2” 22 1/2” 3” 68.9L
9’3” 22 3/4” 3” 70.3L
9’4” 23” 3 1/8” 74.3L
9’6” 23” 3 1/8” 76L
9’8” 23 1/4” 3 1/8” 81L


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