Custom Surfboards


All our surfboards are shaped by our experienced shaper Lipe Dylong, who has been putting his love in shaping for 50 years. Here’s your opportunity to start creating your dream surfboard with Lipe. By ordering a custom surfboard you can personalize every aspect of the board which will help you improve and have more fun in surfing. 

Fill in the form to let us know what your requirements are. We’ll get in touch with you to talk in depth about your preferences, personal surfing style and level. Once we’ve collected all the necessary information we can start the making of your surfboard rolling! 

Every custom made surfboard comes with a free Country Surfboard T-Shirt!

Let’s take off on this wave together and create the surfboard that will certainly bring you lots of happiness for many years! 

Country Surfboards

How does it work? 


Step 1 :  Fill in the enquiry form as detailed as possible. 

Step 2 :  We’ll get in touch with you by telephone or

e-mail to start the custom surfboard journey together. We’ll talk about every aspect of your surfboard to create your dream board.

Step 3 : Once we’ve gathered all the information, we ask you to complete the payment so we can start building your custom surfboard. Within 3 weeks your board will be ready. 

Shipping  information : 

Shipping costs are calculated based on the size and weight of the board and the place where you live. To make sure you can apply for the insurance if there is any problem due to the shipping of the surfboard, check your surfboard before signing the delivery paper.